Adventure Playgrounds 101

Are you interested in starting an amazing adventure playground filled with loose parts, tools, playworkers, and loads of child-directed play at your school or in your community?This online class is for you!

Join internationally-known playground designer Rusty Keeler on a virtual tour of European adventure playgrounds and learn first hand how he and his team successfully started one of America’s newest adventure playgrounds, The Hands-on-Nature ANARCHY ZONE at The Ithaca Children’s Garden in Ithaca, NY. We’re very excited that The Anarchy Zone has recently been featured on The Katie Couric Show, ABC World News, and Elle Magazine!


This course will cover:

  • history of adventure playgrounds
  • adventure playgrounds today in Germany, UK, and Denmark
  • the steps and story of The Anarchy Zone
  • ways to deal with liability, safety, risk, and hazards
  • playwork 101
  • selecting a site and sitework considerations
  • how to tap your community resources to build, staff, and fund your site
  • the various models of new adventure playgrounds: non-profit, for profit, and beyond
  • ways to start the adventure play movement in your own community
  • how to set up temporary one-day adventure play days

We will be opening our class and accepting applicants Fall 2014.

We’re looking forward to sharing our excitement and experiences to help you dream and successfully develop your own adventure playground!

Sign up today for updates and information on enrollment, schedule, and pricing.

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