Thurs Nov 19th 3-4:30pm EST

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Join author-designer Rusty Keeler as he celebrates the beauty and benefits of risky play and the importance of adults supporting children’s play. Loaded with amazing images and inspiration Rusty challenges you to think about your own professional practice with children and encourages you to take bold new steps to support play a little more each day. You will learn tips and tools to breathe through risky play moments and reflect on your attitudes and comfort levels around risky play. What is your Yes? What is your No? Rusty will facilitate discussions and activities looking at risky play and our role in supporting children’s play. You’ll see amazing risky play examples from around the world and discuss with peers challenges and successes supporting risky play. Let’s take it to the next level. Join this webinar and together we can do it!

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what Risky Play is
  • Discover the benefits of Risky Play
  • Reflect on your relationship to Risky Play
  • Learn tips and tools to support Risky Play
  • Learn to create environments that enhance Risky Play
  • Recognize best practices of centers and schools that say Yes to Risky Play