Rusty’s Outdoor Loose Parts List!

For Early Childhood Educators, Teachers, and Parents

♥ Discover the importance of Loose Parts for children’s play and learning.

♥ Learn the basics of Gathering, Safety and Storage of Loose Parts.

♥ Learn the 10 Types of Outdoor Loose Parts.

♥ Get inspired by the list of over 100 different kinds of Outdoor Loose Parts!


Inside the guide, you will learn 3 things:


Benefits of loose parts

Adding Loose Parts is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to boost the play possibilities in your outdoor space! Loose Parts are known to spark children’s Creativity, Problem-solving, STEM Activities, Pre-literacy Skills, Social Skills, Connections to Nature, Fun, and so much more! In this guide we will share info about the beauty and benefits to your children and your daily experiences outside.


Managing Loose Parts

You will learn all about where to Locate Loose Parts and how to manage them in your space with your children. Safety is an importance consideration of course, as well as Storage of your materials.


what Loose Parts to choose!

Rusty’s List is filled with fun ideas to help you start adding Loose Parts to your yard right away. Categories include natural materials, big stuff, small stuff, mud kitchen materials, classic play stuff, repurposed materials, and even loose parts you can grow yourself!

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Who is Rusty?


Rusty Keeler is a natural playscape designer, speaker, and author who has traveled the world for over 30 years creating beautiful outdoor environments for children and speaking about the benefits and beauty of saying YES to children’s play. Rusty’s latest book is Adventures in Risky Play: What is Your Yes?

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