Playscape Coaching

1902971_10152430517058573_6893775395082807738_n-400x400Are you building a new playscape or dreaming of improving your current play space? Are you excited to tackle the project but need a little help and guidance along the way? Work with Rusty Keeler on your project! What fun! Rusty will help you dream a beautiful space for your children, set concrete goals and action steps, and help make your dreams a reality.

Rusty will personally walk you step by step through the design, planning, and construction phases of your playscape project and give you the confidence to create an amazing space for your children with resources and help from your own local community.

Through SKYPE Rusty will:

a) review photos and videos of your current yard and listen to your playscape dreams to help you design your new space

b) help you assess your local resources and manage your project from design to construction

c) work with you to plan construction of projects or phases for ultimate success!

To begin, you’ll get instructions to put together an email with as much information as you can: pictures of your space, site plan drawings, wish lists, pinterest boards of ideas, and sketches of your dream playscape. Then we’ll set up our Skype session to get started!

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