Rusty Keeler

Rusty Keeler is an artist / designer with a unique sensitivity to the sights, sounds and experiences of childhood. He has a deep belief in the beauty and importance of play in the development of children and his designs reflect his sincere desire to create a more beautiful world in which to grow and explore.

Rusty works throughout the world creating play environments for children and lectures at colleges and conferences internationally.


He is the author of the book Natural Playscapes (2008: Exchange Press)

Rusty lives among the woods and gorges of the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. When not designing or building playscapes you may find him barefoot in his garden.

His current favorite project is the Hands-on-Nature ANARCHY ZONE at the Ithaca Children’s Garden – where kids of all abilities are free to play, explore, create, and construct with the natural world…