Inspire your groups to:

Connect Children to Nature

See the outdoors as a learning environment and understand the benefits of outdoor play in natural settings —all seasons, all weather.

Create your own beautiful Natural Playscapes

Dream Big, Start Small, and Never Stop. Inspirational playscape examples from around the world to spark the imagination filled with trees, grass, gardens, sand and water and more.

Bring adventure and risk-taking to children’s play

Step by step ways to feel comfortable to allow children to access and assess risks and challenge themselves through open-ended play opportunities.

Support unstructured free play

Say YES to children’s play with loose parts, messy “anarchy zones”, mud, fire, chickens and more!



Rusty on the Katie Show

Photo from Rusty’s recent appearance on the Katie Couric Show. Check it out on her website here: Are We Overprotecting Our Kids



International Mud Day Highlights!