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Join Rusty Keeler on a deep journey into nature play, playscape design, risky play, and saying yes to children’s play… 

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Natural Playscapes 101

Intro to the world of nature play and playscape design with Rusty Keeler. Rusty's enjoyable presentations of inspiring playscapes from around the world will inspire you to think about children's spaces in a whole new way with hills, pathways, sand, water, willow huts, chickens and more!


Playscape Makeover Masterclass

Here it is! Your deep dive with Rusty Keeler into the world of natural playscape design and planning. Inspiring presentations, hands-on activities, and design tutorials will guide you to dream your playscape, draw your vision, plan your project, and build your dreams! Bring on the living willow huts and fuzzy caterpillars!


Rusty’s Risky Play Roundtable Class

With humor, insight, and images, Keeler will guide us back to our childhood play memories, discuss why play and risk are vital to a child's healthy development, and show examples from around the world of programs that weight the risks and benefits of risky play and say "yes" to loose parts, tree climbing, digging in the mud, rough and tumble play and more.