Hill Slides


I love sculpting the landscape and adding slides in the side of hills. Children love crawling or running up hills to zoom back down on a fast slide. Because they are embedded in the hill they are wonderfully safe – no place to fall. All you need to add is a safe landing pad at the bottom.

These beefy slides are the same ones I’ve used on all my projects. They are commercial grade, double-walled, roto-molded plastic – the same durable slides that playground equipment manufacturers use. Now you can use them too. If you already have a hill – great! If not, bring in the dirt and grass and build a new hill! 


NOTICE: Lead Time is 10-12 weeks from order!

2' single slide specs: 2' single slide

3' single slide specs: 3' single slide

4' single slide specs: 4' single slide

5' single slide specs: 5' single slide

3' DOUBLE slide specs: 3' Double slide

4' DOUBLE slide specs: 4' DOUBLE slide


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Small Single (2' high), Medium Single (3' high), Large Single (4' high), XL Single (5' high), Medium Double (3' high), Large Double (4' high)


Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Tan