Living Willow


This spring we are super excited to collaborate with The Basket Farmer, Howard Peller to provide a new stock of living willow for all your huts, tunnels, and green sculptures!   The new willows from The Basket Farmer will be shipped out in 7′ lengths to accommodate maximum creativity with your living willow project!  

Willows are sold in bundles of 40 whips, 7 ft long and 1/2″ diameter.

(We recently used 80 whips for a nice 12’ long Willow Tunnel)


We will choose the best variety for you based on your climate zone:

Salix Americana – Grows to 10′ with yellow-green stems maturing to reddish brown; colorful leaves and attractive catkins.  Thrives in full sun to part shade with regular watering and tolerates poor soil.  Can survive as cold as climate zone 2.

Salix Purpurea (Streamco) – Grows to 13-16′ tall with purplish stems and narrow grey-green leaves.  Thrives in full sun to part shade and needs very moist soil.  Great for erosion control.  Can survive down to climate zone 3.

 Salix Daphnoides – Grows to 20′ max, with voilet-green stems and fuzzy spring catkins!  Needs full sun to part shade and moist soil.  Thrives in climate zones 4-7.

Additional information

Willow variety

Salix Americana, Salix Purpurea (Streamco), Salix Daphnoides