Natural Playscape-a-rama!

Take a deep dive into the world of natural playscape design with internationally-renowned play designer and author Rusty Keeler. In this course Rusty will show you beautiful playscape projects from around the world and guide you step-by-step through designing and planning your own nature play design project!!

  • Rusty shares his nearly 30 years of experience working with childcare centers, schools, parks, families and communities on successful community-built natural playscape projects.
  • You will learn the beauty and importance of connecting children to nature through play, be inspired with possibilities for your own yard, and empowered and guided through dreaming, drawing and planning your own natural playscape project.
  • You’ll see multiple inspiring and entertaining playscape presentations by Rusty that cover all aspects of natural playscapes including designs, layout, nature play elements, sensory features, plant selections, material choices, community resources and much more.
  • You’ll see playscapes filled with hills, gardens, pathways, sand and water, willow huts, hillslides, art, music and more — all with a variety of sounds, smells, textures and tastes!
  • Rusty guides you through the fun process he has used with hundreds of community leaders to dream your playscape possibilities, create your a master plan design, assess your community resources and materials, and plan step by step how to achieve your long term goals for your natural play environment.
  • This course is all about inspiration and action to make your playscape dreams a reality!