Friends and I have been dreaming of starting an adventure school and this week we began the first Tuesday of the Adventure School Group’s 2012-13 school year. Yay!  Inspired by forest schools and nature kindergartens we are starting with a one-day-a-week morning adventure session rotating between various locations. (some families live by a creek. others on a farm. others in the forest.) Each week a different location but with a common theme: child-led adventure and discovery. Ages range from 8 months to 7 years. Here is the post-adventure write up from Miss Maggie, adventure leader extraordinaire, day one. And check out our blog. Fun stuff!


As the first adventurers showed up to play, so did a tiny, baby chipmunk!

The morning was chilly, but Nick had a bonfire going to welcome everyone.

We walked down to the creek, fished and climbed all over the rocks.

Then we took a nice, long walk up the creek and found more fallen trees to climb on.

Some of the folks scrambled through the woods back to the house,

while the others walked back down the creek.

We ended the morning with a picnic in the sun to dry us out!!

“JJ chased, and pet, and chased again the chipmunk we saw.”

Taryn, “I caught a fish”

Coulter, “I was fishing too!”

Alden, “I got a fish too. I just holded on and one bite-ed onto it!”

Nimah, “We got WET!”

“EmmyLou touched the fish in the bowl.”

Amani, “I was holding the fish.”

Alden, “I was holding the fish too!”

“JJ tasted lots of rocks and dipped his toes in the water. He also touched a fish.”

We all had a wonderful morning! Can’t wait for next Tuesday’s Adventure!!


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