So if you remember, I’ve been working with local friends to create a day-a-week traveling “forest school” for our preschool-age kids — “Adventure School” . Each week we pick a different family’s land to visit where the children can explore, play, create, construct, balance, and build fires. We’ve visited forests in fall, creeks in summer, farms, fields, hills, and hollows with more kids and families joining the crew each session.

“Who’s place this week?” is the normal question we pose on our email list.

“How about The Anarchy Zone??” someone recently suggested.

YES! The Anarchy Zone and Adventure School: a perfect meeting of philosophies and ideas: a place to explore and dig and balance and take risks (careful about falling in the chilly deep mud puddle!) while celebrating children’s natural curiosities, creativity, and connection to the natural world. Success! Take a peek….

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