Toddler Playscape

Cherokee Tribal Childcare Center – Cherokee, NC

Cultural Inspiration

Here we created both a small protected infant area and a large free-flowing toddler “discovery” park. Many features were added to introduce the traditional Cherokee culture to the children including elements of mythology, traditional building techniques, sculpture, traditional plants and symbols. The tricycle track is even in the shape of one of the letters of the Cherokee’s “syllabary”, or alphabet.


Design features include a 7-sided gazebo (many traditional Cherokee buildings had 7 sides symbolizing their 7 clans), a 7-sided mini “treehouse”, a mini bridge, a dwarf apple tree orchard, a large sand area, a shade trellis, a “blue ridge walkway” trail (the blue ridge parkway is a local feature and passes through the town), hidey nooks, a walking ramp, boulders, hill slides, windchimes, a thunder drum and more. The highschool art-carving class even carved beautiful traditional sculptures for the children to sit and climb on.

This playscape was built in 5 days with volunteer labor!

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