A Full Project starts with a Master Plan and ends with a Natural Playscape. (Many groups choose to work with us all the way through because we specialize in the Community-Built Process.) After the Master Plan we develop a Detailed Design and Planning Guide for your playscape committee and pick dates for the playscape construction days.

The Planning Guide helps you set up your playscape committee for success by breaking all the work into smaller tasks for each member of the committee: ordering materials, signing up volunteers, obtaining donations, arranging childcare during construction, organizing food for volunteers, getting tools and equipment, working with contractors, etc.

The Detailed Design looks at all the nitty gritty details and gives you lists of all the materials, special items, tools, volunteers and professional labor you will need to complete the project. We also create a build drawing for each playscape element so it can be easily built by a small team of volunteers.


The Community Built Process is an amazing way to build a natural playscape that not only creates amazing spaces for children, but saves money, strengthens ties to the community, builds lasting friendships, fosters a sense of pride and ownership in the project, and helps ensure the playscape’s long term care and maintenance. Folks all over the world have ”seen the light” and are building projects that utilize donated materials and volunteer labor to get the job done.

The Community Built Process is an amazing thing to be a part of. After months of planning and organizing by a dedicated playscape committee the construction days arrive and swarms of volunteers spread out over the yard like worker bees each doing a specified task. Local businesses donate food and trucks deliver discounted building materials and plants. Many people working together can make huge transformations happen right before your eyes. Each hour more gets done until the last glorious day when you stand back with your fellow volunteers and marvel at the feat you’ve accomplished.

The Community Built Process involves hard work and careful planning. But we are with you each step of the way and the end results are worth it. All it takes is begin is a sense of humor and a dedicated playscape committee to assist you in the planning and organizing; from there magic happens.

ETSU Swarm Build from rusty keeler on Vimeo.

In Phases

Some groups want to build their project in phases over time. That’s great too. We can help you devise a Master Plan and Planning Schedule to help you set the course of your playscape building and additions. We can coach you along as you go, and even join you for various community build days to help lead volunteers on various projects.


Brooklyn Swarm Build TIMELAPSE from rusty keeler on Vimeo.

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