Gotta love it: learning about the world by being in the world. Up close and personal style.

After all the years of dreaming and designing children’s spaces I finally have a child of my own: Julian James Keeler, born Jan 8, 2012. yay! So what’s a new parent to do but dream up an Art Farm Forest Adventure School with best friends, right??

So, here we are enjoying a creekside kid adventure day on Taughannock Creek outside of Ithaca, NY. Four adults, seven kids ages 4 months (Julian!) through 9 years old. It’s all about discovering new things (salamanders, water spiders, how to catch a crayfish, which bark boat floats down the current fastest) taking risks (ankle deep, knee deep, fall in? no!), and enjoying the environment with all the senses. And swinging on vines. And building fires. And stacking rocks. And pouring water out of your rubber boots.

We all have much to learn every time we step outside. Especially children. So why not give them the opportunity to experience the world firsthand. Got a creek? A nearby woods? A meadow? A yard? A garden? Nearly any natural place will do.

Bring on the adventure!

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