Design Workshops


Conference Design Workshops

With striking images, stories, and discussions, this comprehensive workshop is a great way to introduce the idea of natural playscapes to your group and get them started planning their own playscape transformations.  Topics include: children and the nature, the benefits of outdoor play, what is a natural playscape, risk-benefit analysis, a look at adding plants, art, and sound to the outdoor environment, and an introduction to the community-built process.

We begin by introducing the concept of natural playscapes with our colorful slideshow and then facilitate the brainstorming and designing process. By the end of the workshop attendees with be well on their way towards creating their own natural play area. We walk folks through the dreaming and drawing process that we use on all our projects. Participants leave the workshop with their own hand-drawn Master Plan, lists of local people and material resources they brainstormed, and the beginnings of a plan to start building their dream playscape.


These workshops are perfect for conferences, seminars, luncheon talks, teacher-training days, parent nights and more. Some groups invite us to speak at events for the general public. Other groups bring us in to introduce the concept of natural playscapes to their staff and parents to kick off a playscape project of their own.

On-site Design Workshops

The on site workshop is the ultimate roll-up-your sleeves session to begin a natural playscape project. We facilitate a design and planning day for your project with you and your playscape committee. We set up a fun, encouraging atmosphere to help you brainstorm your needs and dreams, look at your community resources of people and materials, and work with you to develop a Master Plan of your outdoor space. Once that is in place we work with your group to help organize the planning and building process according to your specific timeline and needs. At the end of the day you will have a Master Plan drawing of your new space, plus a long list of action steps for your group to take as you organize and plan your project.

Perfect for groups who want to plan and build a natural playscape on their own, but want some guidance at the beginning of the project to kick it off. You probably already have an energetic playscape committee in place and are ready to go, but just need help organizing your ideas and planning the project.

We also do REMOTE design consultation. Just send us pix and we’ll set up a phone conference to brainstorm the possibilities….