Here it is!  One of our new Earthplay Water Features: the WATER TOWER!

For the past year I’ve been working to create simple, durable water play items that people can add to their natural playscapes. I have a friend with a large stand of Black Locust trees which are perfect for children’s play areas: beefy, beautiful, and naturally rot-resistant. So I thought: what if you take a log, plant it in the ground, add plumbing to it, then simply hook it to a hose to give children the opportunity to trickle a bit of water into a bucket,  sand area, or mud pit. No water flows until a child toggles the faucet (and teachers have the ultimate shutoff at the building!) Take a peek. What do you think?  More pictures at our store.

EarthPlay WATER TOWER from rusty keeler on Vimeo.



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