Woo hoo!  International Mud Day at the new Hands-on-Nature ANARCHY ZONE at the Ithaca Children’s Garden. YEAH!!!!  Mud pools, mud slides, mud pies, mud cloth, mud mountains. We got 60 cubic yards of screened topsoil delivered and the Ithaca fire department was amazingly generous and came to soak it all up and make some yummy silky crazy mud. And what a day. I’ve never seen so many smiles in one place! And why is that? Mud.  Earth.  Humans. Humans have been getting muddy as long as there have been humans. (You know it’s true!) And kids? Come on!

There’s something about going past the point of no return, isn’t there? Plunging in. Into the mud, yes. But also plunging into the PLAY. Saying yes to mud, yes to life, yes to the spirit of play. Yes, yes, yes!




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