Loose Parts Construction

photoWant to know one of the easiest and best ways to create a natural playscape in your yard? Simply start adding loose natural materials for kids to play with. This could be branches, logs, straw bales, rocks, grasses, pine cones, clay, dirt and more. We lead hands-on workshops where we do just that: bring in lots of loose natural local materials and let adults have fun building forts, dens, hideouts, and hangouts. You’ll have a blast team-building and playscape building, but at the same time you’ll get lots of ideas of how to bring natural materials into your yard for your kids’ fun constructions.

This workshop was at a childcare center in Phoenix, AZ. Teachers gathered a mess of materials and participants from the playscape symposium had a blast making some pretty neat stuff. (then when the kids came in monday morning they had fun taking it to the next level!)