I just dropped my little 18-month old son JJ off  at “childcare” for the first time. My heart is overflowing with emotions. We had been keeping his care “in the family” so to speak, so far splitting childcare time between myself, my wife, and my parents who live nearby (plus close friends and neighbors – it takes a village, right?). But for various reasons during these next two weeks we needed extra help. Actual “childcare”. Whoa.

The place we found is beautiful: “The Magic Garden“, totally rootsy, rural, and relaxed. Wild gardens, berries, hills, fruit  trees, chickens, cats/dogs/horses/sheep + super kind and loving people. It’s totally the type of place I would want to see him at….but oh my heart! I can’t help but sob, both recognizing a marker/milestone in JJ’s (and our) life and that’s he’s “somewhere else” with “other people”. But also sad to be missing it; missing watching him explore and grow, to be there along with him for the ride and adventure. oh life! I’ve been working with childcare places for so long; seeing kids, caregivers, and parents picking up, dropping off … but now it’s here for me up close and personal. From the inside. What a heart-string pull… so many feelings…


(here’s a little look at his first wanderings of the place)







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