In this workshop Rusty shows participants a whole new way to think about their outdoor play and learning spaces and empowers them to dream, draw, and plan transformations to their own yards that celebrate nature and the seasons in multi-sensory ways.

With nearly 30 years of playscape design and construction with communities around the world Rusty’s workshop is loaded with stories and pictures that will inspire audiences to dream big, start small, and never stop!

Topics include:


  • benefits of outdoor play
  • benefits of connecting children to nature
  • benefits of risky play
  • natural playscapes from around the world
  • transformation ideas for any yard any budget
  • brainstorming your playscape dreams
  • drawing a playscape master plan
  • assessing your community resources
  • forming a playscape committee and asking for help
  • building your playscape with volunteers
  • curriculum ideas for nature play spaces
  • maintenance plans for natural playscapes
stone stairs

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