remote consulting

What would Rusty say about my yard?

Here’s your chance to have Rusty Keeler look at your yard and help you take it to the next level!

You send Rusty pictures, videos, and answer a set of questions about your goals + resources and then it’s time to schedule a Zoom call.

Over Zoom you’ll look at your pictures and videos together and Rusty will share advice, ideas, and examples from his travels about big and small ways to improve your space. Fun!

  • Planting additions
  • Topography changes
  • Loose Parts for play
  • Finding low cost material sources
  • Engaging community people resources
  • Safety considerations
  • Examples from around the world



Hi Rusty,

I worked in the toddler playground today. I am IN LOVE with this area now! What a difference a few small changes make!!!

I removed one side of the boards on the sandbox. I reused one laying flat to make seating along one side and will do seating along the other side. (It is like you pointed out at one of those other centers that you had shown me that had the seating.) I also turned the playhouse toward the sand area and added some grass and other plants! I have 10 yards of sand and a pallet of rocks being delivered Monday that I still need to add to the area, but I am so happy with the results already!

I am thinking I am going to add a bridge sort of next to the playhouse that leads into the sand area and add more grasses all around the bridge, and sunflowers along the fence behind the playhouse. My grandkids came to visit today while I was working and my 4 year old grandson was already bringing sand into the playhouse!

This playground has really come to life! I never would have thought of all this stuff, so I again thank you very much for your ideas!!!!

Jen Levy, owner, Little Footprints Learning Center

what does it look like?

Check out this 8 minute excerpt from a consulting call with Rusty Keeler and childcare director Jen Levy. Here they are looking at Jen’s Toddler sand area and talking about ways to make it even better. Halfway through Rusty shows Jen an example of a center he visited in New Zealand that might give her some more ideas…