Welcome to Earthplay Resources!

We can do it.  We can create extraordinary places for young children to discover themselves and the world around them.  We can create places for children that tickle the imagination and surprise the sense.  We can make places for children of all abilities to interact with nature as they play on the planet.  we can craft these spaces with love, collaboration , and care. (Rusty Keeler, Natural Playscapes pg. 15)

Earthplay is a community built site to guide you the parent, grandparent, teacher, park director, caregiver, landscape architect, student, nature enthusiast, play advocate, builder, educational program manager, learn how to create beautiful engaging outdoor environments for children.

  1. Use this site to communicate with a community
  2. Find useful links for materials, artists, legal ordinances, books and grants
  3. Step by Step instructions to get started with a playscape
  4. Research ideas through case studies and project plans
  5. Visually stimulate your creative ideas with videos and pictures

This site is your site!  Please please please contribute stories, resources, and thoughts.  And email any ideas of  how we can make this site more useful for you! Thanks!!