Infant-Toddler Playscape

The Skaneateles Early Childhood Center is a licensed, not-for-profit center offering infant, preschool and school-age care to all children between the ages of 8 weeks and 10 years old. This environment is for infants and toddlers.


Details of the play environment include a small bubbling water feature, “secret” paths between tall edible plants, carved wooden sculptures, a “mini orchard” with dwarf apple trees, gentle grassy hills, and raised planters full of flowers, vegetables and herbs. Children can drive tricycles through a large tunnel, dig in a giant sand area, and race down slides embedded in the side of a hill. Also in the design are various sound elements including large, tuned chimes played with mallets, a booming “Thunder Drum” for children to pound on, and a variety of twinkling windchimes hung in trees.

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