Where on the planet is EarthPlay founder Rusty Keeler?

Well, on November 12th he’ll be giving a keynote address to the Association of Early Childhood Educators Newfoundland and Labrador.

On November 19th he’ll be keynoting at the Natural Phenomenon Conference in Whangerai, NZ.

Here is a summary of the workshop he will be giving there:

Creating Natural Playscapes
This workshop will help you dream and draw a master plan for your own outdoor environment. You’ll see examples of natural play environments from around the world built by communities of people just like you. A variety of developmentally-appropriate environments will be highlighted full of hills, pathways, sculpture, hidey nooks, fountains, musical elements, sand and water and more. The real fun comes when you roll up your sleeves and begin to plan your own natural playscape. Together we will brainstorm the unique resources and materials of your community, look at who could help you with your project, and begin dreaming and drawing the playscape possibilities!

As well as speaking on the North Island in NZ, Rusty will be doing a talk and build at Linwood Playcenter in Christchurch. He then flies to Australia and will be doing a workshop in Sydney at The Point School.

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